Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Torn by Amanda Hocking (Trylle Series)

This will be a short one. BTW if you haven't read the first in the series read our blog on the first book before you read this one :)http://teen-book-review.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/switched-by-amanda-hocking.html

"They'd only shared a few moments together, but she'd made him feel more than he ever had in his entire life."

Torn by Amanda Hocking. This is the second book in the Trylle series. Wendy had reached home but she wasn't to stay long. The Vittra came for her... Why do they want her? Through this book she finds a deeper connection to the Vittra rivals. When she thought she was beginning to get a handle on who she was she finds out that what she knew was just the tip of the iceberg. She is betrothed to one, in love with another and can't stop thinking about someone else. She will have to make the ultimate step and choose between her heart and her kingdom. 

This book was just like the first addictive. It was longer, in term of pages, but it felt really short to read. Although another mystery is uncovered it is obvious to see that this book does not have a very complicated plot. The story itself is quite simple however I found myself believing in those characters and feeling for them. There is nothing better than to immerse yourself in a world that you really believe those characters are real. Amanda Hocking doesn't have a very complex story nor is her writing style the best but she manages to make the story emotional to the readers and that is what I think counts. Just to add to this I was expecting more of the "Bonus Story Inside" mentioned but it was actually just a few extra chapters.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach

“ You cannot doubt me,” he said, his mouth hovering above hers, “ when it is you who may not be real.”

Wake unto Me by Lisa Cach. The plot of this story is so complicated and has so many layers that it would be hard to give the right idea of this plot without spoiling the ending. Basically the book follows the story of Caitlyn. Caytlin doesn’t fit in; she feels that she doesn’t belong. She has horrible nightmares that she calls ‘Screechers’ who visit her every night. Things change when she gets a scholarship to a private school in France. There is also another thing; she started having very realistic dreams set in Medieval time where she finds her true love. Is he even real? Her new school has a big mystery, she has a big mystery. Caytlin must make sense of her life and how all these mysteries, from her dreams to the school join together if she wants to understand her own life.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Worry Tree by Marianne Musgrove

The Worry Tree was written by Marianne Musgrove. It is about a 10 year old girl named Juliet. She is very organised but also very worried that she is the only decent person in her family. Her 7-year-old sister, Ophelia (Oaf), annoys Juliet so much that she moves to a separate room. When Juliet and her Nana were redecorating her bedroom she found a mysterious picture of a tree that was hidden behind the wallpaper for many decades.

Hush Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick

"Love finds its way into the coldest hearts, darkest minds and loneliest of souls"

The Hush Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick. The series is composed of, Hush Hush, Crescendo and Silence (or Tempest as it was previously known.) Nora's life changes dramatically from the moment she laid eyes on Patch. Patch has a dark secret and it doesn't help that Nora is very much attracted to him. She wants to know more but the truth may end up pulling her into the centre of even more trouble. Her normal everyday life turns into a bumpy ride full of angels, nephilims and love.

The hush hush saga was an enthralling fantasy series.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A good Arriving by David McRobbie

"I learnt there are two sorts of kindness. One of them's nice to look at fora time, but it's rotten inside. The other one's true and honest, like the kind Helen gives."

A Good Arriving by David McRobbie. This book is set in the 1830s. Helen had a wonderful family, education and what now seems a blooming romance. However after the Duke decides he will not renew the lease of the farm's in their area, including their farm everything falls apart. Helen is separated from the people she loves and must work as someone's servant. After facing one obstacle after the other she returns to her family to find out that her father has died. The family's economical states gets even worse. A nice doctor comes along and helps them out. Helen starts working for him and his wife, taking care of their baby. They invite her to go with them to Australia to live. Helen reluctantly agrees. However on the ship things start unraveling. The doctor is not who he seems to be and anyone that is close to Helen suffers. The journey to Australia is now a journey to survive.

One-Way Ticket by Iona McNaughton

"The longer we stay here the harder it is for me to see you. Your outline, skin that marks you off melts in this light."

One-way ticket by Iona McNaughton. Meg is Canadian, she was born and raised there. Her father is from New Zealand and when Meg's mother dies his homesickness worsens. He wants to go back to the place of his childhood memories, where his family lives. However Meg does not want to leave, her friends and everything she knows is there. Her grand parents offer to pay for an one-way ticket for the two. Meg refuses at first but later agrees to move to New Zealand but in the condition that it is only until september when year 10 starts, and if by that period if she still doesn't like it they will go back to Canada. While in New Zealand she makes a friend who betrays her and her father starts falling in love.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Snowy: the Diary of Eva Fischer by Siobhán McHugh

Snowy: the Diary of Eva Fischer is part of the 'My Story' series and was written by Siobhán McHugh. This book is about Eva Fischer who is a half German girl. Eva and her parents lived in Sydney until she was 11 years old. In 1958 they move to Cabramurra, a small city in Australia, so her dad could work in the Snowy Scheme. Although this was after the war, some people still believed that the Germans were 'The Enemies'. She meets new people and sees that Cabramurra is more multicultural than Sydney.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

" Don't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you." - Lauren Conrad

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad. This is the second installment of the L.A Candy series. Jane Roberts went from a nobody to a big somebody when she landed her on reality TV show. In this novel she must learn to cope with hard relationships. From best friends to drunken boyfriends.She had moved to L.A. with her best friend Scarlett to experiment new things and to get out of her comfort zone. However when racy photos of her are leaked it's way over her comfort zone. Her world starts to fall apart. She distances herself from the people who care about her and gets closer to all the wrong people.
While this is going on Scarlett is also having major problems. Falling in love with someone strictly off-limits and when her best friend is not there for her she is alone and with a big secret. Both girls start to wonder if being in a reality show is what they want.

I actually read the 2nd book before the 1st but the novel still made complete sense. I had no idea who Lauren Conrad was when I picked up the book but with her name covering nearly half the actual cover it was obvious she had to someone famous and probably a celebrity (not even J.K Rowling has her name the big). Of course reading a celebrity's novel you can't expect too much as they sell and get published just because of their status. With low expectations I went on to read the book. The writing style was not the best (as expected) and the first chapter was not quite dull. However after the first few chapters I had become so interested in the story and the plot I just wanted to finish it. I certainly had a few mini-heart attacks because on how tense the plot is.